Reasoning Ability Strategy for IBPS Clerk Prelims 2017

Reasoning Ability Strategy for IBPS Clerk Prelims 2017 – The banking jobs are basically divided in two categories, the officer grade and the clerk grade. Both the categories are quite similar when it comes of the recruitment procedure, at least for the preliminary round. This makes it obvious that there is a lot of competition in both the examination. The aspirants might feel that getting through IBPS Clerk is far easier than IBPS PO, but the truth is that both of them have their own tough spots.

Prelims exam of IBPS Clerk 2017 would feature three sections for the aspirants to crack through; Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability and English Language. Off these sections, reasoning section is considered the most scoring section in the examination as almost all the questions are designed in order to be solvable. This section thus requires a great level of dedication as it would ensure that the load on the overall scoring area is reduced and you are relatively at ease.

The syllabus for reasoning section in IBPS Clerk Prelims is exactly similar to that of IBPS PO. This acts as an incentive for the candidates who are trying to prepare for both the examinations. It is important to have a conversation in this regard because if one is preparing for IBPS PO level then IBPS Clerk becomes relatively easier to crack and there is no harm in admitting that attempting a rather higher goal would assure better final destinations.

Let us firstly look at the preparation strategy for IBPS Clerks Prelims 2017.

  • Some of the topics in the reasoning section are easier to master and also easier to score in the examinations. These include topics like syllogism, inequality etc. The aspirants should make sure to make a grasp over these topics in the first round of preparation itself. This would allow them extra time to practice their skills on the mocks.
  • There have been some definitive changes in the question pattern of syllogism over the recent sessions. IBPS is pushing towards making this topic a bit more complicated. Thus, the candidates are advised to look into the change in pattern.
  • Puzzles form a very important part of the reasoning paper. Therefore, the aspirants are advised to go through as many puzzle patterns as possible. This would remove any possibilities of surprises in the examination hall. It has been observed that many a times the aspirants are not able to perform just because they are taken aback by the new question styling.
  • Here are as many as 5 questions belonging to the inequality topic in the paper and the most important thing to consider here is that all of these can be solved with certainty. So, the candidates should prepare inequalities with great dedication.
  • Input Output system is a definite favorite amongst the question paper setters in IBPS Clerks. This topic can be prepared through practicing. As there are only a handful of prominent patterns, thus if one practices enough then it is certain that the questions in the paper will not surprise them inadvertently.
  • The last fortnight before the examination should be religiously given to revision of the learned topics and attempting of mock papers. Starting any new topic at this time would only result in lowering of productivity and excess stress. This also means that the syllabus should be finished before that time and if not so then whatever has been finished, should be polished.

The preparation is the key to get the best result in any examination. Therefore, one should not leave any stone unturned in this regard. Once the preparation has finished and the D-Day of examination comes up, one has to forget all the things that could not be done and concentrate on the paper in the most productive way. Here are some hacks to make the process of attempting all the more optimized.

  • The first important rule is to be calm. You can solve a good number of questions and probably all of them, but only when you are composed and calm. Excess tension would lead to distraction and thus would not help in improving the scores, but can surely bring the positive counter down.
  • The miscellaneous part of the paper is generally the most scoring option and therefore, it is imperative for the candidates to look out for these questions in the first spree. Doing these questions correctly and quickly will give head start to the candidates as they will have extra time to work out on the time taking questions.
  • Puzzles should be done on priority only when the candidate is certain that it could be solved within a given timeline per question. It has been observed that the puzzles often lead to the wastage of time if done earlier in the paper. Thus in general, there is no point doing them before miscellaneous portion.
  • Questions based on directions are usually very famous amongst the candidates because of their simplicity and ease of scoring. These questions should be used as an asset in the paper.
  • The questions on certain topics like blood relation seem tricky at first but can be done aptly through careful comprehending and thus the aspirants should make sure to do these questions in a single try as the more time you spend here , the less you have for the crucial questions, and vice versa.
  • The aspirants should make sure to attempt the questions in an orderly and yet individualistic fashion. This means that each question should be valued according to its merit and the notions should never be carried to the succeeding questions.

IBPS Clerks 2017 is likely to see great competition like every year and the prelims are the first stage of recruitment, so the aspirants should take great interest and make efforts in this round. The marks of the prelims are not added in the final merit but surely they act as a morale boost for the aspirants in the further round and reasoning section has the ability to boost that score. So, strap the torsion belt and get along with preparing for this section well.

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